VEGA has two ways recreational students can be enrolled, 8 weeks at a time or automatic monthly (VEGA VIP).

8 Weeks:
For our families that want to register for a single 8 week class, priority registration is week 6 only. Week 7 registration is open to the public. VEGA has a priority registration system gives current students first opportunity to get into their desired class. Space is limited, make sure you register promptly!

If you are signed up for the VEGA VIP, you never lose your spot, never have to remember to pay, receive a 10% discount on birthday parties, a waived $40 registration fee and exclusive Open Gyms. Any age and level are available. You must be set up for automatic e-payment to take advantage of this feature and must commit to all 6 sessions for the year (session 1-6). If you are recommended to move up to a higher level, let us know and we can upgrade you to the applicable level class and pass. Switching classes is easy if it is open.

VEGA VIP Cancellation Policy:
You must give, in writing, one-month notice should your child decide to retire from our VEGA VIP membership. You will also be required to pay the $40 registration fee if you leave the agreement before you finish six full sessions. If your child leaves our program without the required paid registration fee and one months notice, you will continue to be billed for tuition until we get a notice in writing. 

Other VEGA VIP Policies:
-You may renew the VEGA VIP every Session 1. Payments are expected September-August, you may select the 1st or the 15th e-payment schedule in your customer portal.
-You may do one make-up a month, depending on availability.
-In some special circumstances (e.g. family moving or extended injury) the pass may be paused or cancelled by management immediately, all other cancellations will need the 30 day in writing request. If you terminate, you may not enroll in VEGA VIP until the following Session 1.
-You must agree to be set-up for monthly auto withdrawal, manual payment is not an option for monthly billing.
-If you switch classes or move-up, the one you want to join must be open.
-No refunds or credits will be given for non-attendance.

Make-Up Policy for all Recreational Classes:
-Holiday closings, weather and cancellations. If VEGA closes for any reason, you will be offered a make-up. Whole classes may be rescheduled or you may be asked to attend a different day or time. If you cannot attend the scheduled make-up, no credits or refunded tuition will be given. Holiday closings and inclement weather closings will be posted on the VEGA website (on the social media section) and families will be emailed if possible. VEGA MAY NOT BE in conjunction with the school system, please check the website before you arrive.

-If you miss a class for any reason you may request a make-up. Make-up classes are a courtesy and will only be offered if it does not jeopardize the safety and integrity of the classes. Arrangements must be made ahead of time. Every effort will be made to find an appropriate make-up class. If none are available, no credits or refunded tuition will be given. You are allowed TWO make-up per session (one per month for VEGA VIPs) but if there is an injury or emergency, please contact VEGA management. Make-ups must be arranged within the same session as the absence.

Other Policies for all Recreational Classes:

-Students may sign up any time after the class has started if there are spaces available. They will receive a prorated price.

-We reserve the right to cancel classes or events due to low enrollment. We may keep small classes open for the first two weeks in hopes of it filling. If not, we will try to find an alternative for you. 

-Although we try to keep consistency among classes, coaches may change without notice. If only one student shows up to class, you will receive a 1/2 hour private lesson with their coach. We will not run full length classes for one child but the value of the private lesson is equal or greater to a normal group setting.

-Participants may receive a full refund for any reason only if it is requested before the second class meets. We do offer free trials when requested, please contact us for an open date and time.

-If full payments cannot be made at the time of registration, payment plans can be arranged by requesting one in your registration notes. All payments must be complete by the second week of class.

-If you are on a wait list, we will contact you only if the class opens up. We recommend finding a less convenient alternative so you will get priority registration in future sessions. If you receive no communication from the gym then assume your desired class is still full.

Observation Rules:

VEGA welcomes parent and guest observation of classes, however, to have the highest degree of safety, the following rules will be strictly enforced:

At no time is a parent allowed to communicate with or coach their child from the lobby. Children need to be focused on their coach and their task, not the parent's critiques. Cheering is welcome but instruction is not. Your child may not be doing their assignment perfectly and that's ok! They will get better with time and practice. If your child's coach needs your help with a behavioral issue, they will get your attention. If there is a problem, alert your child's coach. Otherwise, thank you for respecting this rule.

No one is allowed on the matting or equipment unless instructed to do so. Parents, siblings, guests and anyone else not enrolled in the class being held at the time, must remain in the enclosed lobby area. For safety reasons, please do not observe from the half wall by the second bathroom, the TV monitor in the lobby gives full visability.

Keep your other children with you and safe while observing. Please respect VEGA property by cleaning up after yourself and not allowing play on the furniture. This is an athletic training facility and we want to limit distractions for the participants. Siblings that are running, yelling or playing in the lobby could be a dangerous distraction, not to mention an annoyance to other observers. If you choose to bring other children, bring your own quiet activities.

Pick-Up/Arrival Procedure:
Please arrive for class and pick-up on time. Alert us if you will be late picking up your child or if someone else is picking them up. Do not leave the building during class if your child needs help going to the bathroom, otherwise, feel free come and go once your child's class has begun. All children not participating in class must be under direct supervision by an adult inside the facility and in the parking lot.

In the interest of safety, it is highly recommended that girls wear leotards with no skirts. A variety of sizes and selections are available for purchase at VEGA. They can be worn with fitted shorts or pants. Boys may wear fitted shirts and shorts or pants. Footed tights and socks are not recommended. Hair pulled back and no jewelry except for stud earrings.